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Why "Recently Viewed Items" Are Just the Ticket to Convert Busy Buyers

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Have you ever been online shopping, looked at some items you really needed, and told yourself you’d think it over and come back later? If your answer is no, I’d applaud your decisive nature, but secretly assume you’re lying. Very few of us actually make the purchase on the first look, and thankfully the data is on my side.

Browse abandonment is a big issue for retailers, comprising the majority of visits to any eCommerce or mCommerce store. However, a viewed and abandoned product does not necessarily mean consumer interest is lost. In fact, according to a study by Bluecore, a single view of a product has the lowest conversion rate across all price points. Most customers look at a product multiple times before committing to purchase.

So, what can you do to better capture this potentially fading interest? Find ways to re-engage your users and remind them of their recently viewed items.

Shopgate has recently announced a new capability for our widget system. In the Product Slider widget, retailers will now be able to configure a section to display Recently Viewed Products in the app. Once configured, any item an app user views will be tracked and added to the listed of recently viewed products. Then, on a returning visit, these items will display in a product slider, where they’ll be able to reconsider the items they may still be interested in purchasing. 

It's a simple feature, but one that can have a big impact on a customer's purchase decision. Jogging the memory of a user who was dying to get their hands on one of your products could easily mean the difference between a sale, and just another abandoned browse. So, show me the item I've got my eye on a few extra times, and chances are good that I'll eventually give in and make the purchase, after all persistance pays.

To see a full tour of the Shopgate platform, contact one of our mCommerce experts today. 

Samantha Deese

Written by Samantha Deese

Product Marketing Manager | Samantha knows the Shopgate product suite from the inside out. With a diverse range of experience in the marketing world, her previous clients include Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Hallmark Cards, Disney, NBC Universal and Toyota. A perpetual explorer and avid reader, Samantha's curiosity for all things is expansive.


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