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Welcoming Mizuno to the Shopgate League


Shopgate is thrilled to officially announce the latest addition to our league of global retailers. Originally founded in Japan in 1906, sports equipment retailer Mizuno is a historic brand that has changed the sports equipment industry with each decade of the 20th and 21st centuries. By producing top-quality, cutting-edge athletic merchandise, and successfully expanding to markets across the world, Mizuno has earned its status as a household name and industry powerhouse.

What makes Mizuno so successful? They’ve always been ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market. As eCommerce continued to grow and dominate the world of retail, Mizuno USA recognized that they must provide a particularly remarkable retail experience. Mobile was the obvious move, reflecting the on-the-go nature of the active lifestyle that Mizuno fuels for millions of athletes at every level.

Shopgate’s app platform proved to fit Mizuno perfectly, offering them enough freedom to organize their app to best suit their customers’ needs. While gender and product type are universally used categories, Mizuno found exceptional value in the fact that Shopgate’s totally customizable platform allowed them to organize their app by sport. This flexibility provides effortless personalization for their mobile customers, as app users are able to choose their own journeys through the app based on their own needs.

How has Mizuno’s mobile app scored since launching in the spring? The numbers indicate it’s been a grand slam:

  • 14% higher average order value than desktop
  • 78% push notification enablement rate
  • 4.5 star rating in the App Store

Offering us many more ideas and goals, Mizuno turned out to be a perfect fit for us, too. Shopgate found common ground with Mizuno, simply because we share values—namely, providing the most modern and convenient solutions to meet the unique demands of our customers. Because of this, we’re proud to present Mizuno USA as the newest all-star in our league of global brands. As we’ve worked together to create a remarkable mobile experience, we’ve made a great team—and we believe the best is yet to come.

Casey Gannon

Written by Casey Gannon

Vice President of Marketing | Casey is an experienced tech marketer, driven to develop marketing strategies that blend traditional techniques with emerging technology. With over ten years of experience in mobile, she believes that mobile apps are the modern solution in helping retailers directly connect with and impact consumers. When she's not looking ahead to the next opportunity, Casey is a busy mom, soccer player and adjunct professor at her alma mater, St. Edward's University.

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