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You may have noticed some big changes here at Shopgate. We’re excited to introduce you to our new brand: a fresh, modern look that represents the exciting changes we’re bringing our clients. As we planned our next steps as the global leader in mobile retail, we thoughtfully pulled the best facets of our plans to reflect in our logo and color scheme.

Our logo quite literally shows the heart of mobile technology: smartphones linking to each other, building on our mission to connect people, no matter where they are. The intersection of the two smartphones represents two different components of your business: your relationship with your partners, and your relationship with your customers. Both are seamlessly powered and nurtured by Shopgate  — and they will only elevate in the future as we unveil the mobile technology needed to meet the demands of your consumers.

As we grow, we want to maintain a piece of our legacy. We decided we can't abandon our signature green. The green represents what you’ve always loved about Shopgate: the remarkable mobile experiences we provide. The light blue is an attractive hue that represents the relationships that you’re always creating and shaping — relationships that are unique to your brand. The result is an effortlessly cohesive and complementary union — exactly the kind of relationship that we want to create and foster with you.

Our new branding is more than just an aesthetic change — it’s the start of the next chapter of our platform. It’s also the catalyst for the endless opportunities it will provide our current and future clients. We’re thrilled to continue on in our mission to create remarkable mobile experiences, and eager to watch retailers thrive with us.

Welcome to the next era of Shopgate.


Casey Gannon

Written by Casey Gannon

Vice President of Marketing | Casey is an experienced tech marketer, driven to develop marketing strategies that blend traditional techniques with emerging technology. With over ten years of experience in mobile, she believes that mobile apps are the modern solution in helping retailers directly connect with and impact consumers. When she's not looking ahead to the next opportunity, Casey is a busy mom, soccer player and adjunct professor at her alma mater, St. Edward's University.

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