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The Best Way To Get Great App Reviews? Just Ask.


For retailers, apps provide a powerful gateway to success that stands apart from any other sales channel. Customers can rate apps based on their experience, and those ratings can help potential new users with their download decision, and affect the app’s rankings in the app store. While some retailers see this as an obstacle, app reviews actually provide a unique opportunity to gain valuable feedback from a dedicated user base, and provide a valid, impartial testimony to potential new users.

To encourage this feedback, Shopgate has just released app review prompts, which allow retailers to ask their app users for reviews if they’ve had a pleasant shopping experience. After completing an order, users will receive a thank you message with an invitation to go to the app store to review the experience.

Users are prompted only after a purchase is completed, because users will typically leave if  their browsing experience is rocky, or the checkout flow is inconvenient. Users that have already made a purchase are the most likely to leave a positive review, which will help improve your app’s ranking and click-to-install rates.

Why App Reviews Are Important

Reason #1 - Potential Customers Look At Your Rating
Your app rating will surely be a deciding factor for new customers choosing whether to install your app. In one scenario, you might reach a customer that hasn’t heard of your brand, but has performed an app store search for something related to your products. In a list of hundreds of results, if your app has a low rating, they’re going to go for a different option. An even less ideal scenario: you could be directing traffic right to your app’s page in the app store through advertising, but hurt your install rate with a low rating. In this case, you’re literally throwing away precious advertising dollars. Having a good app rating is crucial to securing those downloads, no matter how potential users find it.

Reason #2 - Reviews Determine Your App’s Ranking
While it’s debated what actually determines each app store’s rankings, it’s generally accepted that algorithms for both the App Store and Google Play Store factor in app rating and app review volume. This means you need both a high average app rating and a high review count to improve your app
store search ranking.

The power of reviewsThe true power of ratings | Source

The Best Ways To Get Positive App Reviews:

  • Ask! (Specifically, for Good Ones)

This is where our app review prompt comes into play. The best way to get reviews is to simply ask for them. And don’t just ask your users to review—ask them for positive reviews. If you give a general prompt to review, you could potentially open yourself up to some public negative feedback. Positioning your review request positively, only asking for a review the user had a positive experience,  has a better return for high ratings.

  • Hit Up Your Social Followers

When you’re first launching your app, it’s important to reach out to your established communities to install and leave reviews of your app. For this, social media is a good first step, as your followers are already brand-dedicated and are likely to leave you positive reviews.

  • Offer An Incentive

Provide an incentive for app users to review the app. This incentive could be an entrance in a sweepstakes for a specific prize or an exclusive discount code. Either way, you give your users a reason to take a couple extra minutes to review.

  • Create An Awesome App

This one might seem obvious, but great reviews will be hard to come by if your app doesn’t deserve them. While a good product line can do some of the work for you, the app itself needs to provide a positive experience to garner positive reviews. An app will impress with beautiful design, intuitive UI, simple checkout, and other features that add to convenience.

Missing the awesome app part? Don’t worry–we can help with that. Learn more about tips for designing an app your customers will love. 

Samantha Deese

Written by Samantha Deese

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