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Shopgate Marketing Services Up The Value and Customer Experience of Your App


We recently announced a brand new set of services aimed at maximizing the value of our clients’ apps. Our app marketing services are designed to give your brand and app maximum exposure, with a multi-tier service offering that includes marketing your app for higher usage rates and custom design to help your app be even more attractive and user friendly.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect, we’re breaking it down piece by piece to give you the full picture of the benefits that come with our marketing services.

    • Quarterly marketing strategy review
      You surely know that the marketing of your brand and app is vital to their success - but knowing this, and knowing how to implement effective tactics, are two very different things. With our team of experienced app marketing professionals in your corner, we’ll work with you to establish goals and best practices for your marketing efforts on an ongoing basis. We’ll help you identify creative ways to leverage your existing and upcoming marketing channels to help boost your sales.

    • App store optimization (ASO)
      Once your app is live, driving downloads is the most important factor in its success. With app store optimization still a somewhat unknown technique, it can be challenging to craft your app listing for maximum findability. With our ASO service, we’ll help you identify and utilize the strongest keywords in your industry to drive downloads and bump up your conversion rate. With 62% of all apps found through app store searches, optimizing your presence here is an important aspect of your app strategy.

    • Push notification campaigns
      One of the most valuable aspects of having a branded app is the opportunity to reach your customers on an “anytime” basis, to proactively engage them with the device they’ve already got in-hand. Push notifications are king on mobile, and we’ll work with you to establish a strategy for effectively leveraging these messages, including content, cadence and measurement.

    • Targeted app downloads
      While optimizing your app listing is a must, so is proactively raising consumer awareness. We’ll develop a strategy to drive qualified downloads of your app using advertising placements that are proven to increase your download numbers. 

    • Design packages
      The more attractive and user-friendly your app, the higher your download and conversion rates will be. With our experienced team of designers dedicated to making your app look great and function beautifully, you’ll be set up for success. With an array of design options available, you can choose the package that best suits you. Whether you opt for initial app and icon design, or need the help of ongoing monthly marketing support, with custom imagery, promotional content and social media images, your app will be ahead of the curve with the help of our skilled graphic designers.


The Shopgate team is excited to bring this offering to our customers, as we know it will deeply enhance the impact of the apps we build. Bringing the value of mobile full circle, with offerings from mobile websites to app store optimization, is what drives us every day. With hopes of bringing our services to 25% of our customers by 2017, we look forward to working with these dedicated merchants to further drive customer loyalty and revenue through innovation and excellence in mobile.

Amanda Laviana

Written by Amanda Laviana

Marketing Communications Manager | Amanda is an experienced content marketer, with a background in advertising copywriting. She manages content across an array of platforms for Shopgate, including blogs, whitepapers, webinars, social media and video.


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