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Star-Spangled Support: Shopgate Honors Our Veteran Clients


As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, we thought it would be the perfect time to shine a star-spangled spotlight on some of our favorite clients. These clients truly represent the best of Shopgate: they’re hard-working, dedicated, and innovative. Truly, it’s no coincidence that they all have something in common: they’re veterans, with a great love and devotion to our country.

While independence is often deemed the cornerstone of our country’s identity, few appreciate our hard-earned freedoms as much as the veterans who have defended it for generations. Here at Shopgate, we're intensely grateful for the efforts and sacrifices of these brave men and women, especially as we continue to enjoy the independence that this holiday represents. We’re also honored to help a number of veterans achieve the American Dream as they pursue entrepreneurship through retail and lifestyle brands.

As a sign of gratitude for their service, we’re featuring a few of our veteran clients here. We encourage our readers to download our clients’ apps to peruse their original designs and products that have resulted from years of hard work. After all, what’s more American than celebrating pioneers—in any industry?


Grunt Style was originally founded as a mall kiosk by veterans who simply wanted to design and sell ultra-patriotic and ultra-proud American-themed t-shirts. Their brand proved to set off fireworks among the veteran community, and they eventually expanded into a multi-million dollar business. Grunt Style now sells a variety of apparel and gear, such as accessories, flasks, blankets, and more. All products can be purchased via the Grunt Style app—and you can access your Club Grunt Style membership, which allows you to receive a new t-shirt every month. Read more about the success Grunt Style has found here.


Rogue American Apparel
is an apparel company by name, but a lifestyle company by trade. Founded in 2011 by a former Marine, Rogue American features a full offering of clothing, accessories,  and home decor. However, the particularly remarkable project that Rogue American has pursued is creating their own brand of coffee, known as Invader Coffee. From your first hot drink in the morning, to the wall art you enjoy as you begin to relax in your home at the end of the day, Rogue American keeps patriotism front and center in your life. Rogue designs are printed in the USA and feature custom designs synonymous with warrior history, pride, culture, and ethos.


Craving a laugh on your day off this week? Article 15 Clothing was founded by veterans who wanted to combine patriotism and humor to provide some seriously cool gear to the public—along with awareness of issues impacting veterans. They achieve this goal by combining their high-ranking sales and the success of their YouTube channel to make significant donations to the veteran community. Constantly finding innovative new ways to further enhance their brand, the men at Article 15 bring their military experience to the retail table with their drive, ambition, and most of all, respect for the country they’ve defended.


11Bravos is another veteran-owned apparel company, with a truly special collection that showcases their knowledge of the military they hail from and continue to honor to this day. The collection is called Division Apparel, and provides branded gear for soldiers and veterans who have served in all capacities of the military, from cavalry to infantry to ranger regiment and beyond. In addition to division gear, they also sell military-centric items including PT gear, tactical bags, and custom gear. The hard work put into creating such a huge selection of designs and products truly attests to the work ethic fostered among young men and women in the military. Even better? This thriving company is especially renowned for its charitable efforts for veterans—making a purchase all the more patriotic.


The founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company began roasting batches of coffee between deployments, seeing it as a hobby for everyone, not just hipsters. He began roasting full-time in 2014, and eventually came to operate as a premium small-batch, roast-to-order coffee company. BRCC imports high quality coffee beans from Colombia and Brazil, then personally blends and roasts them. Since his Seattle-born coffee obsession blossomed from a periodic hobby to a renowned brand, Black Rifle has seemingly earned promotion after promotion: after the runaway success of their Shopgate app, they’ve opened brick-and-mortar stores, and created a blog that highlights news, lifestyle trends, and pop culture. Another sweet bonus: their products have been spotted on the social media accounts of nationally-known news commentators. Curious to know more about their success? Read our feature on BRCC.

Looking for an unconventional way to celebrate the Fourth? Explore these brands and their apps—not only will you find great products, but you’ll be supporting America’s finest while you’re at it. We’re proud to support these stores and their founders after everything they have done for us, our freedom, and our country.

Casey Gannon

Written by Casey Gannon

Vice President of Marketing | Casey is an experienced tech marketer, driven to develop marketing strategies that blend traditional techniques with emerging technology. With over ten years of experience in mobile, she believes that mobile apps are the modern solution in helping retailers directly connect with and impact consumers. When she's not looking ahead to the next opportunity, Casey is a busy mom, soccer player and adjunct professor at her alma mater, St. Edward's University.

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