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REPORT: The Biggest Omnichannel Retailers Benefit From the Most Remarkable Apps


The omnipresence of smartphones seems limitless—and the biggest retailers in the world are banking on that. Gone are the days of basic, functional apps. Now, apps are meant to be entire shopping experiences of their own, or a tool to bridge the gap between online shopping and brick-and-mortar shopping. To be blunt: you can no longer be basic or boring in the mobile world.

So, how are the biggest names in retail redefining mobile? Our new report has all the details on worldwide mobile innovation—and what you can learn from these new strategies. Highlights include:

Starbucks Brews Up Customer Service
Starbucks helped mobile ordering go mainstream when they released their app that enabled customers to skip lines and pick up drinks they’d already paid for. However, customers identified a number of problems with this early omnichannel tactic—namely, it was too cumbersome and impersonal. The coffee giant responded by designing the My Barista app. This chatbot-driven tool uses artificial intelligence to take your order and personalize recommendations for you—providing that easy neighborhood cafe service that coffee drinkers long for.

Walmart Thinks Outside the Big-Box
The mega-retailer found an innovative way to modernize the shopping experience in the age of trendy Target and convenient Amazon. Their app now allows you to store your credit cards in a digital wallet, and creates QR codes for you to scan in their checkout lanes for easy payment. By creating an effortless payment process, the Walmart app helps ease a huge problem that has plagued the brand for years: long lines, with few cashiers.

Walgreen’s Prescribes Mobile Ordering
You probably don’t consider picking up medications the most fun experience of your life. Walgreen’s recognized the tediousness of this chore and responded by building barcode scanners into their app to allow clients to order and refill prescriptions. This eliminated the need to make a phone call or stand in line—and the success of the app proved that any industry can embrace the convenience of mobile, no matter how fun or simply functional your products and services are.

Want to read even more stories about modern mobile success? Our report will teach you what a remarkable mobile app can do for you, your customers, and your brand.


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Sarah Meadows

Written by Sarah Meadows

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