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Reaching the App Marketing End Zone


App marketing is just as important as any other marketing, and much like your other efforts, it’s ongoing and requires effort to be successful.

As my title implies, my goal as a Customer Success Manager is to make sure my customers are successful. I view my role like a coach—I’m on your team and I want nothing more than for us to be successful together. I can provide all the tips and strategies to win, but ultimately it’s up to the team to execute. I can take customers to the one-yard line, but in the end, it’s up to them to score the touchdown.

But all too often, I see the same cycle occur: customers are excited about the launch of their app, create an email marketing strategy, promote the app on their social networks, and set up app-exclusive promotions, but shortly thereafter, marketing drops off. It’s as if they made your way down the entire field but couldn’t snap the ball before the clock ran out.

The key to app marketing is to prioritize it as highly
as you prioritize your other marketing endeavors.

You can’t just build a website and assume people will just stumble upon it. You wouldn’t only market your store the week it launches. If you have a big promotion, you don’t assume that people will just magically know about it. Instead, you utilize your owned channels, such as email marketing and social networks, or even put some money into ads, and you continue these efforts long after you launch. Why wouldn’t you give the same treatment to your app?

Shopgate Makes It Easy

While talking to a customer, I once pointed out how well a push notification performed and how it generated sales. He responded, “I know this works. I just need to take the time to do it.”

One of the great things about the Shopgate platform is that it allows you to schedule app events in advance, so you can set it and forget it. Just take 30 minutes every week or so to set up push notifications, Deals of the Day, coupons, and other features.

You can also schedule social posts in advance to motivate your fans to download the app. Remind them to enable push notifications to receive exclusive app deals, and don’t forget to add links to the Apple & Google Play stores for easy download.

Don’t let app marketing fall to the wayside because it’s new to you.
Just like any other form of marketing, it requires time, work,
and effort—but it can pay off in huge ways.

Need some extra help? Shopgate’s app-savvy team of marketing coaches is here to make your mCommerce experience easier! If you need help with push notifications, coupons, or other marketing strategies, feel free to contact us.

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Glynn Kaplan

Written by Glynn Kaplan

Senior Customer Success Manager | Glynn has built a career as a Customer Success professional in fast-paced tech companies. She loves creative problem solving and providing customers with industry best practices to ensure their success. Glynn enjoys living Austin life to the fullest, always making time for yoga, farmer’s markets, and dog kisses.

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