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Retail Customer Experience: 4 tips for a successful holiday mobile app strategy


As the holiday sales season quickly approaches, there's an opportunity for retailers to not only generate consumer interest, but to also create and build upon a holiday mobile strategy that leads to long-lasting customer loyalty and an advanced mobile customer experience. A recent study by Coupofy.com has identified that mobile commerce now accounts for 30 percent of the total e-commerce spend and mobile shopping is growing 300 percent faster than traditional eCommerce. What's more, Criteo reports that 66 percent of mobile transactions occur through an app.

These statistics highlight the importance of taking advantage of this mobile growth by having an engaging app that sets the brand apart from the competition. With online shopping being bigger than ever, it's necessary for retailers to have a mobile strategy in place that will make sure this holiday season is the most successful one yet. Here are four tips retailers can follow to ensure their mobile experience is ready for the holiday rush. 


Sarah Meadows

Written by Sarah Meadows

Sarah manages content for the marketing department of Shopgate. Her previous experience includes creating content and handling public relations for public offices and organizations at her alma mater, the University of South Carolina. Sarah’s hobbies include following college football and looking for a good glass of sweet tea in Austin.

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