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MultiChannel Merchant: Augmented Reality Takes Center Stage in Mobile Retail



Unless you’ve been living off the grid without your smartphone for the past few years, you’re likely aware of the latest trend in mobile technology: augmented reality (also known as AR). We’re all using AR, even if you (or your kids) are just addicted to using the face-altering filters on Snapchat. In short, AR is the ability to use a smartphone camera to project a graphic onto a phone screen and augment the reality around you, giving users a more interactive experience.

Why are retailers embracing it? Put quite simply, the modern state of retail is all about customer convenience, and AR is revolutionizing that. According to AR entrepreneur Cortney Harding, it has the unique ability to “increase conversion quite a bit by taking the guesswork out of it.” The modern shopper of 2018 is busy and on-the-go, and doesn’t always have the time to dedicate hours to finding the perfect sofa for a new apartment or a pair of shoes for a pressing event. The power of AR is that it can take traditional, time-consuming shopping trips and simplify them for the shopper.


Sarah Meadows

Written by Sarah Meadows

Sarah manages content for the marketing department of Shopgate. Her previous experience includes creating content and handling public relations for public offices and organizations at her alma mater, the University of South Carolina. Sarah’s hobbies include following college football and looking for a good glass of sweet tea in Austin.

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