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Navigation is a Breeze with New Nested Category Filters


Long gone are the days where you’d search for content on mobile and be forced to finger pinch outward to zoom for the information you need (although not as long gone as one would hope). People are finally getting on board with mobile optimization and there is much rejoicing. However, there’s still more we can do, especially for retailers. Part of the challenge of mobile optimization is finding ways to make finding and discovering products the easiest possible process for your consumers. This includes strategies like highlighting top products in key site locations, smart product search suggestion, and also product category organization.

Shopgate has released a new widget to further improve their advanced mobile product search capabilities called the “Nested Category Filter.”

Reminder: we’re a platform that enables retailers to launch iOS and Android apps and a mobile website, without the assistance of developers or an agency. With Shopgate, merchants determine the style and functionality of their app pages using a series of pre-coded widgets created specifically to suit the needs of mobile retailers.

Using the nested category filter, merchants can provide a better way for their customers to narrow their search query. In the app, a consumer would select what they’re looking for from a parent category, this would then prompt them to select a subcategory within that parent category. And then you could narrow even further and select a super sub category within that subcategory within that parent category. Totally nested.


So, realistically, what would this look like? Let’s say I’m looking for a muffler for my moped – I may not want to search through my favorite retailer's entire parts catalog. With a nested category filter, I could select Manufacturer:“Honda” from a list of options, then select Model:“Honda CBF 125”, then select Category:”Exhaust System”. At the end of it all, I’m delivered 6 options for a brand new muffler that will fit perfectly on my trusty moped, all with zero frustrations from what could have been a long and arduous process.

Add a little Apple Pay to that? How could I ever say no?

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Samantha Deese

Written by Samantha Deese

Product Marketing Manager | Samantha knows the Shopgate product suite from the inside out. With a diverse range of experience in the marketing world, her previous clients include Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Hallmark Cards, Disney, NBC Universal and Toyota. A perpetual explorer and avid reader, Samantha's curiosity for all things is expansive.


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