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Mobile Mondays: Are You Ready For Augmented Reality?

You’re likely aware of the latest trend in mobile, even if you’re just addicted to using the puppy filter on Snapchat. Unsurprisingly, augmented reality has found a home in retail, because of its ability to blend the in-store and out-of-store experience. How can you make the most of it on your mobile app?

Mobile Mondays: Are You Ready For Augmented Reality? from Shopgate on Vimeo.

Casey Gannon

Written by Casey Gannon

Vice President of Marketing | Casey is an experienced tech marketer, driven to develop marketing strategies that blend traditional techniques with emerging technology. With over ten years of experience in mobile, she believes that mobile apps are the modern solution in helping retailers directly connect with and impact consumers. When she's not looking ahead to the next opportunity, Casey is a busy mom, soccer player and adjunct professor at her alma mater, St. Edward's University.

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