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How a Niche Retailer Found Super Success on Mobile


Niche retailers often question the usefulness of a mobile strategy to their products. Mobile's association with social media and trendy influencers makes mobile apps seem best suited to retail sectors such as high-end fashion, electronics, and cosmetics. However, as the success of Shopgate's diverse showcase of clients proves, mobile is best suited to any sector that requires convenience and ease for repeat shoppers. MyWmtGear is the latest niche retailer to learn this—and the results they've seen with Shopgate have been nothing less than super.

Founded in 1993, MyWmtGear identified a very unique sector of retail. Employees of the hugely successful big-box retailer Walmart needed year-round options for branded uniforms and other gear to wear to work. MyWmtGear took advantage of this need by producing apparel for all seasons, branded with the Walmart logo and selling it directly to employees. The company became hugely successful on their eCommerce site as Walmart employees flocked to buy fleece jackets, button-down shirts, visors, and other gear that meet store dress code and feel comfortable throughout work shifts during all seasons.

MyWmtGear recognized a need for another shopping venue for their customers—one that meets busy Walmart employees' needs. A Shopgate mobile app proved to be the perfect channel, as apps inherently serve repeat customers who need to buy items like employer-required apparel throughout the year. MyWmtGear built a remarkable mobile experience that drives sales and ensures customer retention, thanks to features like:

  • Push notification analysis that reports on revenue to inform future messaging
  • A "favorites" feature for shoppers that helped the app conversion rate climb over 6%
  • Marketing services provided by Shopgate's mobile experts to drive over 37,000 app downloads

Clearly, thinking outside the big-box revolutionized MyWmtGear's marketing and sales strategies to maximize downloads, engagement, and retention. MyWmtGear is proof that a mobile strategy shouldn't be limited to popular cosmetics or clothing companies. Niche retailers have a place in the mobile conversation—and Shopgate is ready to turn your shop into a mobile superstore.

Want to learn even more about MyWmtGear's mobile success?

Read the full case study here.

Sarah Meadows

Written by Sarah Meadows

Copywriter | Sarah writes and edits for the marketing department of Shopgate. Her previous experience includes creating content and handling public relations for public offices and organizations at her alma mater, the University of South Carolina. A true Southern girl, Sarah’s hobbies include reading William Faulkner, following college football, and looking for a good glass of sweet tea in Austin.

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