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Grunt Style Climbs the Mobile Ranks with Shopgate


When you think of the storied American Dream, what story actually comes to your mind?

Our answer may surprise you on the surface. It’s the story of a retailer who started selling t-shirts at a mall kiosk, but kept dreaming bigger. It’s the story of a few good men who took all of the necessary steps to build a multi-million dollar business in the modern world of retail. And while they eventually found their home here on the Shopgate platform, their story is anything but over. Tie this story up with a star-spangled ribbon, the owners’ military service, their dedication to employing veterans, and their commitment to producing locally-manufactured merchandise, and you have Grunt Style: the quintessential story of the American Dream.

Keeping with their rogue tradition, Grunt Style skipped the traditional step of building a mobile website for their store. However, over 70% of their online traffic was still being accessed via mobile devices. A mobile strategy was needed, and fast. Their Shopgate app has ultimately been a great success, as shown by the numbers:

4.1% Conversion Rate
287k App Downloads
5 Star App Store Rating

What made an app fit to join the Grunt Style ranks? Apps are the perfect retention tool, and they perfectly serve the highly loyal customer base that Grunt Style has built since they first opened their mall kiosk. Shopgate’s partnerships with Shopify Plus and ReCharge also allow Grunt Style to run a smooth mobile retail experience with perks like a subscription club.

Truly, Grunt Style has achieved the American Dream. As we approach the Fourth of July here in the United States, we’re proud to reintroduce you to one of our favorite and most storied clients. 

Want to learn even more about Grunt Style's mobile success?

Read the full case study here.

Sarah Meadows

Written by Sarah Meadows

Copywriter | Sarah writes and edits for the marketing department of Shopgate. Her previous experience includes creating content and handling public relations for public offices and organizations at her alma mater, the University of South Carolina. A true Southern girl, Sarah’s hobbies include reading William Faulkner, following college football, and looking for a good glass of sweet tea in Austin.

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