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How App Features Engage and Retain Your Customers


By now, you've probably heard, read, or seen us talking about the many retention benefits of apps. It's safe to say, we're big fans of the staying power that apps equip your brand with, and we want to spread the word to retailers near and far about the loyalty they can inspire. 

But, the actual methods in which apps drive retention are important to understand. Here are the three key ways apps drive revenue and conversions: 

All apps generally provide improved user experiences, but Shopgate apps take the improved user experience a step further, extending user-friendliness to the retailer as well. With customizable templates, a powerful library of pre-coded widgets, filterable categories, smart search functionality, a favorites list, single login across channels, and much more, it simply doesn't get easier to make a purchase – or facilitate one – than with a Shopgate app. 

Engaging customers starts by serving your brand to customers in every possible location. With Shopgate apps, merchants can effortlessly launch Facebook ad campaigns that either drive app downloads or re-engagement, as well as improve ASO ranking. Products from downloaded apps appear in iOS Spotlight Searches, as well as with universal and deep links, which direct users to specific products within the app, from anywhere on the web. 

Beyond the first few engagements, Shopgate merchants can drive lasting loyalty by establishing their apps as the easiest possible place to buy. With segmented push notifications that deliver timely, relevant content, unlimited coupons and daily deal offers, GPS-supported store locator, barcode and ad scanners, order tracking and one-touch payment options, Shopgate apps provide a solution for just about every pain point involved with mobile buying. Once your loyal customers have experienced the ease of ordering from your app once, they'll return again and again to enjoy the simplicity and sophistication they know they can expect. 

The difference between an average mobile shopping experience, and a Shopgate app shopping experience can be broken down into three parts: better experiences, increased engagement, and long-term value. 
With Shopgate, retailers have access to advanced retail technology to keep customers engaged, with no coding required.

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Amanda Laviana

Written by Amanda Laviana

Marketing Communications Manager | Amanda is an experienced content marketer, with a background in advertising copywriting. She manages content across an array of platforms for Shopgate, including blogs, whitepapers, webinars, social media and video.


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