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Crucial Vacuum Picks Up With Shopgate's All-Inclusive App Platform


Crucial Vacuum is the brainchild of Chad Rubin, CEO of both Crucial Vacuum and eCommerce solution Skubana, who recognized an opportunity in an overpriced, overcrowded market. By circumventing chain retail stores and selling direct online, Crucial Vacuum is able to provide vacuum cleaners and accessories at a lower price point. In 2013, Crucial Vacuum made Inc.’s list of fastest growing private companies in the U.S.

Shopgate & Crucial Vacuum Remove The Middleman

Prior to joining the Shopgate platform , Crucial Vacuum utilized Magento’s mobile solution. While platform-convenient, it was difficult to manage, requiring developers to make all site updates. Crucial Vacuum decided to switch to Shopgate for the simplified internal management, the clean user interface, and engagement tools like mobile-exclusive couponing and segmented push notifications through the app.

With an easy-to-use management systerm, Crucial Valuum was able to launch and maintain its app without coding or developers. And thanks to a beautiful, clean user interface, it's easy for users to find every part and accesory quickly and easily. Segmented push notifications help Crucial Vacuum retain users, offering sustained success on the mobile channel. With targeted offers, app users remain consistently engaged and only grow in value. 

“The reason we made the switch was the ease-of-use. Where we previously needed a developer to make updates, their platform gave us back the control...We definitely saw an increase in revenue after switching to Shopgate.”  Andrew Maffettone, Marketing Manager at Skubana & Crucial Vacuum
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Amanda Laviana

Written by Amanda Laviana

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