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How Digital Wallets & Credit Card Scanners Make Checkout Irresistibly Easy


Some may call it a desire for instant gratification, but to most consumers, it just feels like a need for convenience. Other tech-savvy industries have picked up on consumers’ demand to save time and effort: restaurants save customers’ favorite orders on their websites, and streaming services offer handy queues that allow viewers to continue last night’s TV binge with just a click. With conveniences like these permeating every area of our lives, it only makes sense that online shoppers are longing for even faster transactions once they fill their shopping carts.

One major barrier to successful mobile sales is the long and clunky process of entering personal and payment information. Trends show that consumers are growing impatient with the repetitive and detailed payment process — an estimated 69% of all online carts are abandoned, 95% of those at the payment stage.

The good news? Mobile apps deliver features that are attractive and useful for retailers and busy shoppers alike, especially those who don’t have the time or desire to re-enter their information for every purchase. The solutions are as simple as simply scanning a credit card or thumbprint--no repetitive typing required.

Credit card scanners are as easy as they sound: using their device’s camera inside shopping apps, shoppers can snap a quick photo of their card, allowing the app to automatically read the information and fill in the information. With just a snap, shoppers skip the clumsy process of manually entering numbers on their smartphones, and an easy transaction is secured for both shopper and retailer.

Another easy fix for the payment trap is to take advantage of digital wallets. Digital wallets store personal and payment information in devices, so shoppers can click on the form of payment and instantly allow the shopping app to access their payment info. PayPal is the most popular and widely-used digital wallet for shoppers, and it serves retailers well, boasting a 70% higher checkout conversion than other forms of payment. Another popular and easy digital wallet is Apple Pay, which simply requires a thumbprint on Apple devices. Credit card companies have also caught onto this trend, with MasterCard offering MasterPass for busy online shoppers, and Visa Checkout becoming a fixture on the online retail scene.

Shopgate recognizes the shopper’s desire for convenient payment processes and the retailer’s need for completed transactions. With Shopgate apps, retailers can offer simple solutions like credit card scanners and digital wallets that are fast, easy, and user-friendly for all retail audiences.

Sarah Meadows

Written by Sarah Meadows

Sarah writes and creates content for Shopgate’s blog and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Her previous experience includes producing content for public offices and student organizations at her alma mater, the University of South Carolina.

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