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Truly Tap-and-Buy: Make Every Ad Shoppable with Adscanner


Apps are an essential part of the modern retailer's marketing and branding strategy. Without an app, you're missing out on untold potential customers, revenue and exposure. However, once you've launched your app, you've opened up the doors for increased engagement from your most loyal customers — anytime, anywhere. One step that must be taken to fully take advantage of this opportunity is to integrate your app with other marketing strategies. 

With Adscanner — built into Shogpate apps — you'll be able to seamlessly and easily connect all your marketing collateral to your app. Watch this quick video to see the Adscanner in action: 

Adscanner lets users scan images with their camera and link directly to the products shown for a tap-and-buy experience. 

Retailers can tag images with smart markers that identify specific products, linking your app to all your marketing efforts, both print and digital. This smoother path to purchase drives higher conversion rates and makes your marketing more effective.

Images can be tagged on: 

  • Catalogs
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Digital Screens
  • Plus so much more!

For more info on how to leverage smart tools like Adscanner to get the most out of your app, download our new App Marketing Playbook for all our tips and best practices. 

Amanda Laviana

Written by Amanda Laviana

Marketing Communications Manager | Amanda is an experienced content marketer, with a background in advertising copywriting. She manages content across an array of platforms for Shopgate, including blogs, whitepapers, webinars, social media and video.


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