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7 Highly Effective Segmentation Strategies


Push notifications are an extremely powerful marketing tool simply because of the convenience and speed they offer mobile shoppers. However, they get even better: with capabilities offered by Shopgate and Facebook Analytics, you can now segment your push notifications to send specific messages to specific groups of users, based on factors like demographics, device type, and even how they behave inside your app. Segmented push notifications offer even more appeal to mobile shoppers: not only are they efficient and effortless, but they’re personal and more relevant to the shoppers’ interests. A few fast facts:

  • Apps that send push notifications have retention rates 7x higher than those that don't.
  • Segmented push notifications see engagement rates 3x higher than broadcast messages, and a click-through rate that is 5x higher than email marketing.

Put quite simply, push notification segmentation is the marketing tool that mobile retailers have always wanted—and now it’s in your hands.

Not sure where to start? It’s crucial to think about your customers’ journeys through your app. Even if they all use the exact same app and see the exact same products, their experiences will vary based on how far they make it in the purchasing process. As the marketing mastermind of your shop, it’s up to you to take advantage of where customers have fallen off and where they want to go next.

We’ve put together seven key segments based on user behavior that are extremely powerful and are proven to drive high conversions. With Facebook Analytics and Shopgate, you’re able to create unique push notifications for all of these events, meeting your shop’s and your customers’ needs.

  1. Users who added an item to a cart, but didn’t make a purchase.
    According to industry research, this is the sales conversion trap that mobile shops most often fall into. Fortunately, there’s a powerful solution: send push notifications that incentivize them to complete the sale. You can do this by simply offering a coupon or free shipping on the purchase. Sometimes doubtful shoppers just need a little motivation, and it’s nearly effortless to offer that nudge with push notifications.

  2. Users who just launched the app for the first time.
    The first time a user opens an app is a prime opportunity to set the tone for all future communication. Schedule a “Welcome!” push notification to hit customers’ phones when they open your app for the very first time. Be personal, friendly, and thoughtful, and feel free to offer a deal like 10% off their first purchase in the app with a code.

  3. Users who have launched the app more than three times, but haven’t made a purchase.
    While you may never know why they’re hesitant to buy a product, you can alleviate their hesitations with the discount codes and free shipping mentioned above. You can also expand their browsing horizons by alerting them to new products, and appeal to their frugality by informing them of sales events and features like Deal of the Day (available in your Shopgate Admin).

  4. Users who completed a purchase—thus, making you want to retain them.
    Consider it like a modern thank you note when you thank your purchasers for their business. These notifications are especially powerful if your shop has a loyalty program. Just imagine how excited your customers will feel when they immediately see a notification that they’ve received 100 loyalty points on their accounts.

  5. Users who haven’t made a purchase.
    On the flip side, you can also send out a universal push notification to everyone but users who have recently made a purchase, or users who have purchased a specific product you want to promote. It’s important that you avoid spamming loyal customers with information that they’ve already taken advantage of. You want to be warm, helpful, and welcoming—not annoying or overreaching.

  6. Users who searched for a specific product.
    If your mobile users went out of their way to type a specific product in the search bar, they’re likely interested in making the purchase. Use push notifications to promote those products, reminding users that they still have access to the items they’ve expressed interest in. Of course, discount codes are able to give these users that extra push.

  7. Users who have lapsed in their use of your app.
    “Lapsed users” are users who were once engaged with your app, but no longer interact with it. The best push practice for these users is to highlight the benefits of the app that they once took advantage of. For example, you can remind them of your diverse inventory, your loyalty program, or your free shipping. You can also give them something fresh and new to explore: highlight a new feature that is available within the app, like a new category of merchandise you’ve recently unveiled.

Mobile shoppers have a notoriously short attention span and prefer to swipe and tap as few times as possible. Push notifications cater to those desires by opening the products and deals that shoppers want to open, rather than forcing them to sift through your whole app to find what piqued their curiosities. With push notification segmentation, you’re able to get even more to the point with your busy shoppers.

Need some extra help? Shopgate’s app-savvy team of marketing ninjas is here to make your mCommerce experience easier! If you need help with push notifications or other marketing strategies, feel free to contact us.

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Carlos Mayorca

Written by Carlos Mayorca

Marketing Services Manager | Carlos is an experienced digital marketing professional with a background in technology, social media, and advertising. He's constantly tracking the latest eCommerce marketing trends, with a focus on providing merchants with innovative strategies that result in high returns for their mobile marketing efforts.

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