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60-Second ASO Review: How to Get Your ASO in Shape in Under a Minute


Think of App Store Optimization, or ASO, as the SEO of the mobile app world. It’s the key to discoverability in an oversaturated market. With more than 66% of apps downloaded via app store searches, it’s vital to give your app a strong showing in its listing.

What entices users to download apps?

  • Text: Great copy, an intriguing description, carefully chosen keywords, an attractive name, and localization to the visitor’s language.
  • Visuals: An attractive icon, beautiful images, and informative screenshots.
  • Numbers: Ratings, reviews, rankings, and number of downloads.

Does your app meet the top ASO best practices?

Take the 60-second ASO challenge and review your app for the 5 key factors that will boost ASO.

Ready, set, go!


Icon: Your icon is the first impression of your app. Is it clear, legible, and cohesive with
your existing branding and app design?


Name: Your app name is the first thing that users will see after your app icon.
○ Is it simple, descriptive, short, and informative?
○ Do your keywords indicate what your app sells? Are they thoughtfully chosen--that is, not common enough to get lost in the app stores? Did you use singular keywords instead of plural keywords to save space?
○ Did you waste space by including unnecessary punctuation, symbols, or other strange characters?


App Description:
Did you open your description with an emotive call to action? Did you carefully pick active verbs, or did you just fill up the description with meaningless text?
○ Did you l
ist the features, benefits, and appeal of your app to entice users into downloading your app? (Bullets are especially useful here!)
○ Did you s
peak from your brand’s voice? Remember: don’t try to be anything but the shop that your loyal customers love!


 Did you use visually interesting, high-resolution screenshots that clearly display the function and look of your app?
 Did you use
 overlay text and annotations to improve messaging, with a plain background for easier readability?
Did you make your first two screenshots count? Remember: 60% of users won’t swipe past the first two screenshots--you must immediately show your strongest message for your best app features!


Reviews/Ratings: Did you provide a little incentive for your customers to leave you a great review with a coupon or a similar offer? Don't forget: customer reviews affect how the search algorithm ranks apps! Higher ratings = a higher ranking. 


If you need help with ASO, we have an awesome Marketing Services team that would love to help you! Contact for more information.

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Carlos Mayorca

Written by Carlos Mayorca

Marketing Services Manager | Carlos is an experienced digital marketing professional with a background in technology, social media, and advertising. He's constantly tracking the latest eCommerce marketing trends, with a focus on providing merchants with innovative strategies that result in high returns for their mobile marketing efforts.

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