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6 Ways to Make Your Push Notifications “Pop”


At first, push notifications may appear to be a challenging form of marketing. The character limit requires you to be concise, and mobile users’ attention spans are even shorter than those of Facebook users and email subscribers. However, there is some method to the madness of this unique messaging.

The key is to be creative, convenient, and cohesive with the brand that your shop has already established. To do this, follow these six universal truths about writing and sending effective push notifications.

  1. You can’t be “normal.”
    Your customers already recognize your shop for its unique brand. Send push notifications in that same style, drawing inspiration from the tone of the copy on your website, in your app, and in your ads. Don’t be afraid to use emojis, puns, or jokes to make your customer chuckle and open your app.

  2. You must make passive shoppers active 
    Your English teachers were right—vibrant adjectives and exciting verbs really are important! Make your products and sales sound attractive, and make your customers excited to open the app and browse your deals. Calls to action shouldn’t be dull!

  3. Urgency is unavoidable 
    Ideally, your products will fly off the shelves. Make sure your customers understand this possibility by using urgent push notifications to indicate that your items and sales won’t last forever. You can also use notifications inspired by holidays and seasons to remind them that the clock is ticking.

  4. Accuracy is mandatory 
    Think of push notifications like any other advertisement you create—you should double-check the grammar, spelling, and highlighted fields of the push notification form. You should also verify the dates and times of your sales, and the values of the discounts and coupons you promise.

  5. Timing is everything 
    Schedule push notifications that will be sent out according to each individual user’s time zone. This allows you to thoughtfully schedule your notifications, avoiding losing your messaging opportunity by accidentally sending a notification late at night or early on a weekend morning.

  6. You CAN send too many push notifications 
    As fun and useful as push notifications can be, you need to ensure that you don’t indulge in sending out irrelevant notifications or alerts. Be aware of how many notifications you’re sending, using a calendar to keep track of your push campaign. Remember: mobile users always have the option to turn off push notifications. Don’t give them a reason to discard one of your most important marketing tools.

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Carlos Mayorca

Written by Carlos Mayorca

Marketing Services Manager | Carlos is an experienced digital marketing professional with a background in technology, social media, and advertising. He's constantly tracking the latest eCommerce marketing trends, with a focus on providing merchants with innovative strategies that result in high returns for their mobile marketing efforts.

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